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What is Breed Standard for Thai BangKaew Dog ?

- General Appearance
The Bang Kaew is a square built, well proportion dog with wide and deep chest. He has double coat with ruff around neck and shoulders a pluming tail.

- Temperament
He is alert, intelligent, loyal, watchful and obedient. He has an inherent desire to protect home and family and can be trained to work.

- Size, Proportion, Substance
Height : measured at the withers :
- dogs, 19 - 21 inches (48-53 centimeters),
- +++es, 17 - 19 inches (43-53 centimeters) with the range of +_ 1 inches (1-2 centimeters).
Weight :
- dogs approximately 19-21 kilograms,
- +++es approximately 16 - 28 kilograms.
Proportion : the body in profile is of square proportion in that a horizontal line
from the front of the forechest to the rear projection of the withers to the ground.
Substance : well balanced musculature. Male larger boned than their female counterparts.

- Head
Head : should be quite massive, broad and in proportion to the body.
Eyes : small, almond shaped. Color of eyes is black or dark brown.
Ears : small, triangular, in proportion to head, stand erect and point forward.
Muzzle : of medium length, broad at base and tapering toward tip.
Nose : black and in proportion to muzzle.
Bite and Dentition : teeth small, sharp, strong and in full dentition.
The incisors of the lower jaw touch very lightly with the inner surface of the upper incisors
(scissors bite). A level bite is acceptable.

- Neck, Topline, Body
Neck : strong, muscular, in proportion to head, blending smoothly into shoulders,
proudly carried with head erect.
Topline : viewed from profile is straight and level.
Body : Chest wide, deep, well let down between forelegs and extending to the elbows.
Ribs : well sprung.
Loin : not tucked up .

- Forequarters
Shoulders : moderately laid back and well muscled.
Forelegs : straight and strong, parallel when viewed from front.
Pasterns are short and slope very slightly.
Feet : rounded and catlike.

- Hindquarters
Strongly muscled with angulation in balance with that of the forequarters.
Hind legs : lighter than forelegs, well angulated at the stifle and well let down hocks.
Viewed from behind, the hind legs should be perpendicular to the ground.
Tail : moderately long, well feathered, thick towards the base,
well set on and carried with moderate upward curve to wards back .

- Coat
The coat is double and medium in length. The undercoat is soft and dense. The outer coat is coarse and straight. Guard coat is long and forming a ruff around the neck and shoulders. Back of forelegs are covered with feathers diminishing to the pasterns. Hind legs are covered with long hair to the hocks. Tail covered with a long plume. Toes are well fringed .

- Color
Parti-color or white patches of red, tan, gray or black. Size, shape and placement of patches of color are without importance.

- Faults
- Light eyes or nose
- Tail carried over back and fall to either side
- Lack of ruff
- Lack of feathers on back of forelegs
- Large cars
- Muzzle is too wide
- Large round eyes
- Roach back
- Swayback
- Oversize, undersize

- Disqualifications
- Short or smooth coat
- Bobtail
- Drop ears
- Overshot or undershot
- Missing more than 3 teeth
- Curled tail or Kink tail
- Lack of tail plume
- Monorchid or Cryptorchid
- Viciousness

(Thai Bang Kaew Dog Union Club 21 / 7 / 2001)

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What a great breed! What organizations are registered bang-kaews? Can I copy one bang-kaew picture in finnish dog sites? Can you answer to my e-mail?
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Thanks for your interest.
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