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What is the origin of Thai Bangkaew Dog ?

The Story of Thai Dog Variety 揃angkaew
揃angkaew is the name of a village of Bangrakam District, Phitsanulok Province in the northern part of Thailand. In the area of this Sub-District, near the Yom River, there is a monastery named 揥at Bangkaew. In those days, most acreage of this area had been covered with not a mass of reeds, bamboos but also a forest of valuable timbers ad wildlings. So there had been plentiful of wild animals of many kinds, i.e., elephant, boar, wild chicken, jackal, and dhole living in that area. It has been belived that Wat Bangkaew is the place of origin of Thai dogs, variety 揃angkaew. As a narrative, there were the third Abbot of Wat Bangkaew named Luang-Poo_Maak Methawee who had long been respected by his followers and the people because of his great mercy given to all living things. He raised animals of many kinds, i.e., bantam, dove, cat, dog, etc. Once he was given a native Thai +++ by an old man named 揘im. That +++ has a large body figure with black long hair. As she had been in heat during mating season, she might be crossed by any of jackals and dholes, then she gave birth to large puppies with black and dark brown long hair

During the period that Luang-Poo-Maak Methawee had raised his four +++es, there were the great moves of people from Nakhon Pathom, Suphanburi, and Angthong provinces into Bangkaew village. Simultaneously, there were the moves of Song, a race of Thai people, into Huay Chan, a village locating two kilometers nearby. As having the moves, they herded many head of cattle with their dogs. After setting in Huay Chan, They had gone to Bangkaew in order to communicate and to transact business with the people in Bangkaew village, and of course, their dogs had gone along with them. Hence the breeding between the +++es of Luang-Poo-Maak Methawee and those dogs was taken place naturally, and then followed by giving birth of puppies. The people residing on floating houses along the Yom River took them as their pets. Because the mating season and the flooding season of that area had been the same period, and at that time most of the acreage in that area had been flooded, natural inbreeding among those females and males had taken place as none of other dogs could have participated for years. This natural inbreeding lead to the initiation of authentic Thai dogs variety Bangkaew. Certainly, natural circumstances and environmental conditions are the factors supporting the genesis of Thai dogs of variety Bangkaew. Then they have been continuously developed until they become to be genetically stable as well as to be one of the favorite Thai dog varieties.

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