Romance of  a Thai Bangkaew Dog


The Road-Map


For Thai , ÍèÒ¹ÀÒÉÒä·Â

·       15 Dec 2002  A Thai Bangkaew puppy,Pingpong, was bought from King Rama 9 Royal Park to the family of her master and that is the way the romance started.

·       8 Apr 2003    “Is Pedigree really important ?”  and series of topics were posted on Bangkaew Webboard at Bangkaew Dog Lover Club.

·       8 May 2003   “How to promote Thai Bangkaew Dog ?” and problems on TBK dog  were discussed at Bangkaew New Webboard.

·       11 May 2003 “Unwanted and Abandoned Thai Bangkaew Dog”  problems and solutions were raised at Jatujak Cafe in

·       21 Jul 2003  Pingpong,the young Thai Bangkaew Dog gained her place at and started her activities to vitalize TBK society and raise public awareness on TBK issues.

·       10 Aug 2003 Webcam on Thai Bangkaew Dog,presented by Pingpong, was publicized on the Internet  from home-based web-server through high speed internet connection.

·       9 Sep 2003 eBook on Thai Bangkaew Dog was placed for downloading at with the support from and The Nation.

·       28 Sep 2003 Domain names on and have been acquired unexpectedly  through the intuition  of  Thai Bangkaew Dog. Their missions as Bangkaew.Network and Bangkaew.Organizations were assigned.

·       24 Nov 2003 Domain name on was announced for sale and was bought to synergize Bangkaew.Network and Bangkaew.Organizations as Bangkaew.Community.

·       25 Nov 2003 International website for the Thai Bangkaew Dog was developed from the original home-based English website as

·       5 Dec 2003 Pocket Book on “Having a dog as a friend is better than having a dog-dog friend” was finally published and distributed to create public understanding and awareness of  the Thai Bangkaew Dog.

·       31 Dec 2003 All the related websites are co-ordinated as a roadmap to synergize the KCThailand’s plan for Thai Bangkaew Dog, that is to develop a healthy community  for Thai Bangkaew Dog to be accepted internationally and approved by FCI.

·       5 Feb 2004 The website for Preservation and Development of Thai Dogs of Bangkaew Breed in Thailand Association has been temperarily created and supported by Bangkaew.Community to help p/r and co-ordinate with other associations.

·       16 July 2004 The eLearning Website for Thai Bangkaew Dog was created to succeed Bangkaew.Community Webboard.

·       26 July 2004 The website for Thai Bangkaew Club of Thailand has been temperarily created and supported by Bangkaew.Community to help p/r and co-ordinate with other associations in promoting Thai Bangkaew Dog to go inter(nationally).


Share your dream with us


Apart from creating public understanding and awareness of  the Thai Bangkaew Dog,  we are aiming at creating shelters for “Unwanted and Abandoned Thai Bangkaew Dog” to be retrained and rehomed.  A pilot project for the year 2004 is being carried out with co-operations from many parties such as Bangkaew Dog Lover Club , Thai Dogs’ Home , Home of GSD Lovers , Thai BARF Club , Bangkaew.Community.  Your kind suggestions and supports are always welcome and highly appreciated.
Donations for Shelters Project

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